Monday, May 12, 2008


It's the semi-finals so they better bring it.Let's start with Jason

Jason- nice it was flirty and fun, but I don't know about it. The judges liked it but it was just ok for me.

Marisa- she did a great dance and yes there was a miss jump but it was good. I thought she would be a little faster but it was good. I love watching her dance, she is just so cute to watch.

Cristian- this has to be hard for him, the dance that hurt him. Cheryl's dress is a little distracting but it was a good dance. Ok but not great.

Kristi- she still looks so stiff to me but maybe it's the dance. It was quick and stiff and sharp and two of the judges liked it. I have to agree with Len, it was a little crazy out there.

Len cracks me up. He sounds so stuffy but has some really funny moments, lol.

The Latin Round
Jason- He did a lot of walking again. It was ok not impressive but i think he could have done better. I think I still liked the first one better.

Marrisa- one of my favorite songs but they were to slow for the pase of the music. I don't know what to say about that one. Yeah I have to agree with Keri, it was just ok.

Christian- I love how he keeps his arm away from Cheryl, lol. And the butt shaking at the end was just to cute, i loved it. That was such a good dance for him especially after this being the dance that hurt him. (It's no wonder that he hurt himself with the way that Cheryl flings her hair around, lol)

Kristi- what happened to her? she just seemed to be there and not really into the dance. It was just kinda blah.

I have a feeling that Marrisa won't make it but we will see. Don't forget to vote!!!!