Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I know it's been awhile since I have posted abut the dancing

First Dances

Christian- daddy can i dance with you? That was so romantic and graceful.

Kristi- the dance Blogger: What's on TV? - Create Poste was nice but she looks a little stiff in the face, like the smile won't go away. You gotta love Len and his criticizing (Oh think the mincing around was to long, etc)

Mario- She looks like a dancing scarf and there were a couple of miss steps but nice recovery.

Shannon- what the heck was that? the music didn't help tell the story and it was just........weird.

Jason- well to start he picked a song that I love and the dance was fast and playful, lol. I loved the ending!!!!!!

Second Dances

Marissa- She has the cutest smile and the stop in that kick was sexy, not a lot of movement around the floor but that was sexy, at least a 2 alarm fire for me.

Christian- ok that was not a man dancing with his daughter. OMG what the heck happened to him?!?!?!? That was just weird.

Kristi- she looked uncomfortable doing that, almost like she didn't kn0w what she was doing. I think there was a little to much 'other' stuff and not cha-cha. If she had done it and made it look good then I wouldn't have a problem with it but that was yucky!!!!

Mario- "Lucy, I am home!!!!" The head holding thing is a little more trusting then I think I could be but whatever works.

Shannon- what is withe hair and the head and then the shirt? are we trying to prove that we aren't gay or something? That was a crappy dance. I think she could have been so much better. "Fake everywhere" huh? that was a little more info then we needed, lol.

Jason- OMG gotta love the music. It was definitely different and he made it work, I think. I think Emmit would be proud!!! Damn the lift!!!!!!!! Damn you Edyta!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

I am doing a double post here so here is the results show also.

Def Leopard, rock on Baby!!!!!!!!!! That was a great dance but everyone was a little off. But the second one was cool.

Kinda surprised to be off the show but she has to be a little happy not to put up with his "feelings" anymore. But at least my Marrissa is still there.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

Kristi~ She still looks a little cold. But she was trying. I think she will be a little surprised by what the judges have to say. And what was Karrie looking at?? Bruno always cracks me up with his score when it's higher than Lens, lol.

Priscilla~Not really impressed with that, until the slide. Louie looks a little gay to me in his hand movements but he cracks me. I'm laughing at the fact that Karrie said "we never see you look like you've made a mistake". She can't!!!!!! She's had a bad botox in her face!!!!!! LOL. Wasn't surprised with her score.

Adam~ I can see he's going to get knocked for the "antic's" before but the dance was pretty good. And then he opened his mouth. He needs to just dance and not speak.

Marlee~ I was almost crying. That was beautiful. I loved it. I think her posture is also part of her deafness like she said, the spins were making her dizzy. But that was so..I'm out of words. I thought her total would have been a little bit higher but I guess it was her posture that did it for her.

Mario~Ok what was he trying to do?? The music was weird, her dress was throwing my eyes off big time, and the lights were not helping me a lot. I can't vote for him this week. And again Bruno with his attitude towards Len.

Jason~ Sir Dance-a-lot?!?!? Can I laugh now? What does his wife have to say about all this dancing? A small slip but nice recovery (sounds a little like football, huh?) Did you notice his wife standing up clapping? She must be happy with it, lol.

Cristian~that's right drag me to the bedroom baby. And the yelling was a little scary, lol. I think the bull is dead. OMGoodness, that was just wow.

Shannon~ She's going to cry when the dance is over. You can see she so badly wants to rub his neck. That was beautiful and flowing and just so nice. "It's so organic"?

Marrisa~ Practice was looking good let's hope that the dance is to. You can just see the fight in her face, she was so serious about the dance. Didn't see a single smile during this one. I love the slide she did, the roll on the floor. I loved this dance of hers. She better be back next week.

Adam is on his way out for sure. It's just a matter of waiting for the ax to fall or for someone to tape his mouth shut.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


OMGoodness, that little girl stayed at the table until she fell asleep. I'm sorry but that's funny to me. That is something out of "Mommy Dearest", and 6 yr old that don't know how to wipe themselves?!?!? That is just ridiculous.

OK let me back up a little here. I love to watch Suppernanny, not because I think I really need but more for the whole 'seeing a car pulled over on the side of the road, Oh look honey I think they had a car accident-I wonder if anyone is hurt' as you drive on by kinda thing. I am not at all a perfect mother (see this post, this post oh just click on bad mommy, lol. ) but watching other parents with out of control kids doing things that just make me say "duh" is kinda a sick, funny thing for me. But I think I offended my friend J when I said something along of the lines of "well what do the parents expect from their kids when they are up jumping around and being crazy 10 minutes before it's bedtime." She got kinda quiet after I said that.

But the family tonight was going thru something that I don't know how to deal with yet but will need to soon. I only have one grandparent left so when she passes I will be heartbroken but I will have to find some way to deal and help Savie deal. It was a good episode with a lot of heartfelt moments.

I love you Supernanny.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DWTS results show

First let me start by saying that I usually don't get to watch this live so I fast forward thru a lot of things (commercials talking, etc) so forgive me if this doesn't make a lot of sense.
I was trying to watch this and drink at the same time but that was just impossible when Steve came out and did the "Man-bo". Can you see me choking and spitting on my drink???? Where you able to watch without laughing? What is wrong with you? you had to laugh while this was going on.LOL I was laughing so hard that I was crying (or maybe because I was choking, lol) And the slide at the end was just to much. I was crying!!

Now what is with Jason? I googled him and it says that he was getting a divorce but that hasn't gone thru right? Is Edyta trying to be careful so she doesn't get in trouble with the wife?

Isn't Kylie cute? I remember when her song "Loco Motion" came out in the 80's (did I just age myself?) She is just so cute and perky. Gotta love the smile on her. I feel kinda bad for her dancers though having to dance in sparkly outfit.

OK the face is something he does all the time apparently. LOL

I thought it was Steve's time to go but he did great while he was there. Can't wait to see what they dance next week!

Dancing With The Stars 4/1

What happened to Adam?!?!?!? He actually danced!!!!!!!!! That was a good dance for him. Poor girl just can't help him. He just doesn't know when to shut his mouth

Marrisa~ She has got some great looking legs for such a bubbly little thing. She didn't make a kicks really big like I thought she would. I thought it was just going to be bigger then what she had. Her face was there but her legs weren't.

Prisiclla~ can we dim the lights a little for her please, lol. The beginning was a just so sexy/hot/steamy. Does Len really think of these lines on his own or is someone helping him?

Jason~Good dance but he needs to watch the hands and he looked a little tired. Was he singing along or just mouthing the count. He was just kinda blah.

Kristi~What was going on with his face? What was that about? I was a little confused by all the "oh" . The dance was great. But it was a little cold but she has it in her to do more.

Ok I know I didn't go thru everyone but what was with the music?? Everyone had some really weird music, Roxanne was played really slow Kristi had that Duran Duran song, just weird.