Monday, September 29, 2008

DWTS week 2

I got to watch this late so forgive my scatterbrain thoughts.

Toni-(Rumba) OMG that was painful, why did Alex do that? (I'm trying really hard not to laugh at his singing) Very sexy but I needed a little more hip action from her. I always forget that the rumba is slow and sensual.

Brooke- (paso doble) The music was not doing it for me. I liked it but was just kinda, blah. Her points were there, turns were there but I don't see it being the top score (unless there are a lot of bad dances)

Cody-(rumba) This is going to be funny. His hips are a little stiff and he hits the hip action a little to hard but it was sexy. I liked it a lot.

Rocco- (rumba) I;m pulling for him. That was cute, I know Len is going to talk about the "messing about", he was trying so hard you could see it. I have to give him a lot of credit for standing there and smiling about the whole thing. Poor guy.

Lance-(paso double) "modern twist on it"? I love that. Not the beginning I was thinking about. I didn't know he had arms like that!!!!!! I loved the dance, now I'm thinking I should have voted for him as my pair to win this week. I love the music to. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a wild ending!!I would be very happy with that dance, it was very upbeat, energetic, and the crowd loved it. I know Len would have a lower score.

Kim-(rumba) God I hope she is sexy. Does she have hips she looks so stiff. Poor Mark is doing all the work and she's just standing there. That looked like a tap on the butt to get her to move. She just looked like she was waiting for him to lead her to the next place to stand and pose.

Susan-(Rumba) (The way that she shows excitement is so cute) Very Cleopatra. Her face is a little cold and not contacting with Toni, the ripping of Toni's shirt was a little surprising. I loved that little wiggle she did, very sexy (for her). I liked it, it was cute.

Warren-(Paso doble) Gotta love pleather on the dance floor!!I have high hopes for him, he was looking good in practice. I loved it!!!!!! That was so serious and menacing, the walk was good, the spins, the speeding up wiht the music, I'm at a loss for words.

Misty may-(Paso double) Her eyes are just so wide and big sometimes, it's a little weird to look at. The flip was nice but there was something about her arms, they weren't stiff and sharp like I think they are suppose to be but she was fierce, very strong. It made me think of when Max danced with Mel. She has the energy but the lines were a little off, I wonder if she's used to heels that high.

Maurice- (rumba) One of my favorite songs!! This is was good, the hip action was close but not on the mark. I was hoping that he would have been a little more smooth.

Cloris- (paso Doubla) I'm scared, I don't know how she has made it this far but I am scared. OMgoodness make the poor woman dizzy while dancing or give her a heart attack. WOW!

So a re-cap,my votes are going towards Warren as usual followed by Brooke and Lance. I think Cloris's time is up followed by Kim.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DWTS epsoide 2

How did Misty make it?!?!?!?!?!?She looked a little man-is in her dancing. And the hip thing looked painful.

Maurice- entertaining dance and all but I know Len is going to drop that one. There was a lot of hip action from him but it was good. I liked it.

Rocco fakes it very well. He has the energy to do this. I liked it.

Susan- I loved it, it was cute, fast and graceful very Fred and Ginger.

Kim- talk about a train wreak. That was just sad in soooooo many ways. I have nothing left to say.

I have nothing left to say about any of it. It was a late night for me so I am at a loss for words.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DWTS Season 7

What a long wait I have had.

Cody-looked good, great smile, great presence. I think he should make it at least until week 3.

Chef Rocco- He kept his head up!! He looked good, like he was having a lot of fun. Not bad. I have to agree with Kerrie, it was cute.

Toni Braxton- I really wanted to like her dance but it seemed slow. I know it's a Cha-Cha but it just seemed to drag.

Maurice- I love the fact that Cheryl is his partner. I love her. He's fun to watch but needs to not walk thru the dance. I saw some walking there but I liked it, definitely worth a vote.

Brooke- I saw one slip and that's because she showed it on her face. She looked good, and in pants no doubt. Talk about a "Hot mamma".

Ted- I liked the dedication. She's a little quick and sharp for this dance. He looked good.....for a construction worker. She made him look graceful at moments.

Lance- He is such a dork!!!!! Forgive me for laughing. That was interesting. Did you get a look at his parents?? Mom was proud and dad looked confused. I like Lacey, she made it different, young as Lenny said.

Cloris- I love this woman. She makes me laugh and watching the two of them argue. Corky did a great job of controlling her during the spins. It's hard not to laugh. How was that not censored??? She put her leg up on the table, flashed Len and sat in Kerries lap? I've got tears from laughing thru the whole thing.

Jeffery- Cha-cha Major points for having so much fun. That was such an ugly dance. He seemed a little stiff and uncomfortable thru the whole thing. He's not as big as I thought he was.

Kim- I want to like her since my friend J loves the show. I am going to hold judgement on her for now.

Susan- I love her even though I don't watch her soap, I love her. Small slip but a nice recovery. I think she will be ok once she gets used to being there. Her legs her so long that they look a little to skinny. But she does get my vote.

Misty-She was trying very hard to keep her shoulders down and her tongue in her mouth. Finally he has a partner that is tall enough for him. I think I will give her my vote just to torture her some more, lol.

Warren- He got cute little Kim. I am so happy, it's like watching Emmitt all over again. Oh baby you go boy!!!!!!!! I am pulling for him. That's my boy. That was so good. He's light on his feet, had fun, and it was

So here's my wrap up. Warren is my top pick, Corky and Susan are cute, and so is Lance.

Saturday, September 13, 2008