Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DWTS week 6...results

Is it wrong of me for me to say "thank goodness Cloris is finally going home"?

Monday, October 27, 2008

DWTS week 6

Micheal Flannery I like him, I've always liked him. He's always been a little cocky but I like him. Hope he's a nicer judge then Len, lol. Oh yeah that's right the group dance. This should be interesting.

Maurice (waltz)- i love this song. He looks a little stiff and uncomfortable but all and all it was a nice dance. I give it a 6 maybe a 7.

Lance (jive)- There's the a Lance I love to watch dance. That was fun, upbeat and a lot of energy. I give them an 8 maybe even a 9. (and he looks cute in those shoes, lol)

Susan (mambo) This should be interesting. She is just so careful when she dances that it's hard to believe that she is this fiery Latin thing. There were a couple of small miss steps but it was ok. I give her a 6.(how can they give her 8's? they weren't to thrilled with her but that's their choice)

Brooke ( rumba ) You know if they didn't show her foot you would never have noticed that there was something wrong for her. There could have been a little more hip from her but maybe that's me. she makes me think of Edyta in that dress. I give her a 7 maybe an 8. (Micheal is so soft spoken it cracks me up after watching him dance the way he does)

Cloris (cha cha)- Why is she still on this show? Poor Corky, I feel so bad for him. OMG did he really do a lift??? OMG Corky you are the man. I agree with Kerri Ann Toni left the show and she got the stay she needs to dance and not just walk around the dance floor. I give her a 5.

Cody (samba)- He is such a goofball. A techno samba interesting. I liked the dance he seem ed to put a lot into make the arms straight and snapping them out there. I give him a solid 8 for this one. He gets Edyta?? Oh man that should be interesting to see (I think I need to find a new word for interesting, lol).

Warren (rumba)- Bring your best love game? That;s cute. I hate the dress but the dance was good. You could see the "I love you/ I hate you" going on between them. Sexy, very sexy. Bruno's choice of words crack me up. I give them an 8 all around. (I was starting to think that he was going to vote the same as everyone else).

the group dance- The kids should be great but of course Cloris is going to be the biggest joke (sorry) no maybe it'll be Susan. That was cute. I didn't think Maurice would be making mistakes but that's ok, Warren looked good. Where did Lance did the hair from???

Monday, October 20, 2008

DWTS week 5

4 new dances!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! Since I don't know who has what dances I can't say anything but Susan looks cute in her gold dress. I guess Brooke got the jitterbug??

Brooke (jitterbug)- Wow that flip at the end was a surprise. Not bad for having learned it off the computer. That was a really fun dance, they were cute, it was like watching Grease or an Elvis movie.

Lance (west coast swing)- Can is he the king of swing? I hope he rocks. Nice spin and that little slip was still cute. I loved it!! I hope he gets a good score (did you notice Misty in the audience?). There was a lot of showing off Lacey but this is her dance, she is the champion but he did a lot of walking around, posing, etc. But still a good dance.

Cody (jitterbug)- Ok again for some reason the sound messed up on him so I didn't hear all of what was said between them and Derek so I will just have to guess but the whole 'America needs change' thing was kinda cute. He did the flips really well. Practice paid off for him. That was so cute. I don't know which one I liked better. I think they deserve at least 8's maybe 9's.

Susan (hustle)- I love her little "hustle, hustle, hustle" to Warren. I wonder if they are going slower because of her ankle? She's cute though, you have to give her that. Oh wow, Len and the 'knickers' comment came out of nowhere.

Cloris (salsa)- Why does Corky always make himself look dorky when he dances with her? I'm sorry, did she say 'skanky ho' on TV??

Warren (hustle)- Now is one that I think he will do good at, he just seems like he can pull this dance off. That was soooooo much fun to watch. I was standing up dancing and clapping and everything!!!!!!!!!! That's 4 votes right there. I'm telling you Kim has to share him with me, I wanna dance with him! The sprinkler was so cool, the lift was cool, the whole dance was just so much fun to watch. There should be 9's from everybody if not 10's in my opinion.

Toni (west coast swing)- She's looks likes she holding back, the music seemed to slow for this dance. Not that impressed by it. It was just ok.

Maurice (salsa)- Cheryl always gets me with the way she flips her head around. That was interesting and the kiss at the judges, very nice. It was a wild dance, the costumes were all over the place (don't know how her skirt got ripped) but that was good. He finally did something that was really excited.

OMG Brian Setzer is going to be there tomorrow!!!!!! I love him, even before he went swing when he was Stray Cats. I can't wait to see him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

DWTS week 4

This should be interesting to see how well Rocco makes a comeback after finding out that he would have been the one going home last week.

Lance (tango)- I love it already, they are wearing purple, my favorite!!!!!!! Very nice!!!! One miss step but that was good. Wow Karri at a loss for words, there's a new thing. I love the make-up on him, it makes him look so cute.

Toni (samba)- She looked a little nervous once they got down of the upper stage and there were two miss steps that I noticed and the rolls looked nice. She covered it pretty well. He really needs to stop talking about people's butts, lol.

Rocco (samba)- "Did she really say shake what your momma gave you? lol. That's to cute. Thank goodness she lost the skirt (and later on the sleeves). Not the best dance but it was so much fun. That was a harsh thing to say. I hate to say it but I think his run s over.

Susan (tango)- This is soooo her dance. If she brings just a little bit of Erica Kane to the dance she will have a good score. It was OK but I was looking for a little more fire from her, it still seemed a little tame to me.

Warren (samba)- I love him, he;s so goofy. Kim let me cut in!!!!! I love watching him dance, he's so light in his feet. It was so cute. There was some dancing but there needed to be a little more. I loved it though.

Brooke (samba)- She has the legs for this one, she better get another 10! Oh wow!!!!!!!If she doesn't have another baby in 9 months there is something wrong with her husband. I can see why she has 4 kids. Can we get a hose in here please? (What is with his eyes? His eyebrows? Makes me think of Jim Carrey, lol)

Maurice (samba)- I didn't realize he's arms looked like that. Very 70's, fun dance. I liked it but what is with the wigs?? It was a good dance but like they said he needed a little more of the dance/form in there.

Cody (tango)- That's so funny, she called his high school principal, lol. He looks almost like a man, doing this dance. Nice kick Juilanne. Very nice. I was wondering about the stumbling, I wasn't sure about the dress if they were having problems with that or if he was just hold on to her and flinging her around to much, lol.

Cloris (tango)- Do we really need another shot of her boobs? Is it just me or is Corky pulling and yanking on her arms a lot? He cheats, he's telling er which leg to step with, which way to go. I hate to say it but tonight's dance was actually pretty good. Very up and down, very tango-isque. That poor kid. It made me think of some smokey bar in Paris.

So here's my votes went. Most of my votes went to Warren of course, followed by Lance. I liked Brooke but she's going to get enough votes that I'm not worried about voting for her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

DWTS week 3

My post tonight is going to be a little weird, for some reason my DVR recorded with Spanish as well so I'm not hearing everything like I should, sorry for that.

Cody (jive)- He's going to fall I can just see it. Wow, there was a lot going on there. I liked it but there was a little to much goofing around there. I really think she could have done so much more with a different partner.

Misty- what happened to her? I couldn't hear what they were saying.

Rocco (waltz)-A blinding performance? Love the spin, was there a lift in there? j/k. That was cute. I love the running over the judges. Not a lot of dancing but ti was just fun. I have to wonder how dirty do the dresses get from spins and stuff like that.

Toni (waltz)- How is she going to do that kick in that big dress? This is something I have to see. I love the change in the music, that was not something I was expecting. I love the costume, very nice.

Maurice (jive)- Love the opening. His feet looked good. It was a good dance, lots of goofiness to it, it was fun. But the song seemed a little slow (to me). I'm surprised that Len didn't say anything about "all that goofing about" in the beginning.


Lance (waltz)- NO trick?! No gimmicks?! No fun, lol. Beautiful dress, beautiful dance, great ending. I'm in love. I almost cried at that one.

Cloris (jive)- let it rip? The way she said it was very scary. Oh my goodness,please let this woman go home. I think she has embarrassed herself enough. look at her, taking a last lap around the dance floor, lol.

Susan (jive)-She always looks so dainty to me, the way she holds her hands. She has to be the easiest partner he's had throw around. LOL She looks scared doing this but it was good. I liked it, even though there was a slight miss step. What happened to her ankle?

Warren (waltz)- Every woman will be jealous? How about his wife? LOL. Such a serious face. Oh man he's good. I loved it!!! That was so soft and gentle, you almost forget that he's as big as he is. It was so great. This is one where I would love to cut in on her, reminds me of Emmitt.