Monday, October 27, 2008

DWTS week 6

Micheal Flannery I like him, I've always liked him. He's always been a little cocky but I like him. Hope he's a nicer judge then Len, lol. Oh yeah that's right the group dance. This should be interesting.

Maurice (waltz)- i love this song. He looks a little stiff and uncomfortable but all and all it was a nice dance. I give it a 6 maybe a 7.

Lance (jive)- There's the a Lance I love to watch dance. That was fun, upbeat and a lot of energy. I give them an 8 maybe even a 9. (and he looks cute in those shoes, lol)

Susan (mambo) This should be interesting. She is just so careful when she dances that it's hard to believe that she is this fiery Latin thing. There were a couple of small miss steps but it was ok. I give her a 6.(how can they give her 8's? they weren't to thrilled with her but that's their choice)

Brooke ( rumba ) You know if they didn't show her foot you would never have noticed that there was something wrong for her. There could have been a little more hip from her but maybe that's me. she makes me think of Edyta in that dress. I give her a 7 maybe an 8. (Micheal is so soft spoken it cracks me up after watching him dance the way he does)

Cloris (cha cha)- Why is she still on this show? Poor Corky, I feel so bad for him. OMG did he really do a lift??? OMG Corky you are the man. I agree with Kerri Ann Toni left the show and she got the stay she needs to dance and not just walk around the dance floor. I give her a 5.

Cody (samba)- He is such a goofball. A techno samba interesting. I liked the dance he seem ed to put a lot into make the arms straight and snapping them out there. I give him a solid 8 for this one. He gets Edyta?? Oh man that should be interesting to see (I think I need to find a new word for interesting, lol).

Warren (rumba)- Bring your best love game? That;s cute. I hate the dress but the dance was good. You could see the "I love you/ I hate you" going on between them. Sexy, very sexy. Bruno's choice of words crack me up. I give them an 8 all around. (I was starting to think that he was going to vote the same as everyone else).

the group dance- The kids should be great but of course Cloris is going to be the biggest joke (sorry) no maybe it'll be Susan. That was cute. I didn't think Maurice would be making mistakes but that's ok, Warren looked good. Where did Lance did the hair from???

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