Monday, March 16, 2009


Holly- She looked like she he was leading her around so much. She was leaning on him so much but it wasn't that bad. A 6.

David Alan Grier- Nicely done. He still did a lot walking and standing since the salsa is a dance about the girl in my opinion. A 6.

Denise- Max is going to get in trouble wiht all the comments, lol. That was good. She looked good but I think the music was a little weird to go along with what she was wearing. A 7.

Belinda- She is trying so hard until that last bit and then i said WOW!!! She did need a little more hip and what is going on with the hands?

Ty- He's so cute. He nailed that!!!!!!!! That was just oh so nice. I loved it.An 8. Maybe that's what he needs to do, just dance to country songs.

Shawn- It always cracks me that Mark does these steps so well. She lost the hips there for a bit but redeemed herself. She is just so cute it's hard not to like her and the hands are just a little to sharp. An 8.

Steve- Are you surprised that he's crushing his foot? This is probally the most active he's been in the last 10 years. That was cute little dance but a 6.

Chuck- That cracks me up, he's making comments about Derek, lol. That's funny she almost lost her pants. But again it was all about the girl dancing. I have to agree with the judges. A 6.

Lawerance- He's leaning on her to much. OMG was thhat a lift??? I hope not that was looking so nicec until then. A 7.

Lil' Kim- Elegant and refined? Those are not words I think of when looking at her. She needs to stop biting her lip or whatever she's doing, it's distracting. What was she doing? I loved te dance but the lip thing was distracting. An 8.

Mellisa-What is with the leg hopping on that part??? I like it but it looks funny. I was happy with the way that worked. An 8. (wow 2 nines?!?!? What a surprise!)

Gilles- I loved the ending. I was wondering why the song was coming across as so slow but that makes a lot of sense. I loved it.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing with the stars

Lil' Kim- I thought she would move a little faster then that but I liked it. I give her a 7.

Belinda Carlisle- That looked really rough, even hubby said so. I think she has the potential to last awhile but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. I give her a 6.

Lawrence Taylor- I was hoping that he would come out like Emmitt but there is a change there. He was happy and it was enjoyable to watch, I give him a 7.

Steve-O- This should be very interesting. I love Lacey but Steve is a little to much. I'm very WOW, that was an amazing opening and I am really surprised that he did the whole thing straight. I give him a solid 7 maybe an 8.

Gilles Marini- He was good. I loved it!!!! Very happy with his dance, an 8.

Chuck Wicks- This is so cute. I liked their dance but he looked nervous. I give him an 7.

Last minute replacement Holly Madison-playboy model that dances? this should be interesting. I give her a 6, that was just so awkward to watch. Poor thing.

Ty Murray- Can we say yeah haw!!!! You could see that he was having fun at some points in the dance but he looked so uncomfortable, poor baby. But I give him a 7.

Shawn Johnson- She's so cute and so tiny. That was, in my opinion, the best dance of the whole night. I give her an 9.

Steve Wozniak- OMG put some pants on!!! Poor girl she's gonna be gone in a week. That was just sad. I can't believe he made that remark at the end of the dance. A 5.

David Alan Grier-I think he might make it pretty far. That was a pretty good dance. I was really surprised. A 7.

Denise Richards- didn't know she was such an easier crier. She has good lines and the effort was there but i give her a 6.

Mellisa Ryroft-Wow that was amazing for only 2 days of practice!

Wow this is going to be an interesting seson but i say that every time, lol.

Monday, November 24, 2008

DWTS final week

I am a little sick of seeing Brooke. and Derek. lol They are just to prefect in my opinion.

These were two of my favorite dances from Lance and Lacey. Their mambo was just so much fun. I loved it and they took that hand over head thing and changed it. Usually it's been done with the girl in front but it looks just as good with a guy in front.

They are so cute. I love Warren not just because he's a big man, or a football player (like Emmitt) but he's just fun to watch and makes you jealous of Kim. LOL. (love you Kim) From his smile when he's dancing and looking at him to winking at you/camera, he's just fun. I loved his Paso, it was just powerful and strong.

i loved the junior champions. Isn't that the sister and brother from last seasons winner.

I hate that I watch this so late at night! That was so good. Everyone was great. I loved everything that is hard to judge for me.

Brooke/Derek- That was a little "Dirty Dancing" there in the pool, lol. That is one hot mama!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that her legs were that skinny, you don't see it when she's dancing. And the music, of course I loved it because it's "Grease"!

Lance/Lacey- Oh I loved it. That was so hip hop. Of course Len is not going to like it but oh well. And the shout out to Joey and throwing of the shoe was just funny. Wow I wasn't expecting that from Len, I thought Karrie would like it and Len wouldn't, just goes to show you don't know the judges, lol.

Warren/Kim-Kim looked a little worried on that one dance. Oh man they danced to TINA!!!!!!! My other mom! Oh man, the amount of things coming off her dress is just funny. Only Kerrie would notice the mistakes during these dances, lol.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DWTS week 7 results

I hate to say it but I'm kinda glad that Maurice is going home. I want to see Cody dance some more and work on that smile of his, lol.

Monday, November 10, 2008

DWTS week 7

I know this is really late but hubby wouldn't go to bed, lol.

Cody (foxtrot)- I'm sorry are we passing Edyta around like she's candy? That's just a little wrong. He was a little fast but it still looked good. He needs to smile a little. She will always find a way to showcase her legs, lol. He looks so grown-up in the suit.

Brooke(tango)- Her legs look funny to me. Something was a little off, I can't put my finger on it but something was off. There were a couple of places that looked off but wow not as much as Len saw.

Maurice (quickstep)- He looked a little shaky in the beginning but then once they got in hold he had the confidence to do it. It was cute, I really like that first run they had across the floor, he timing with the music was good.

Lance (foxtrot)-that was cheesy Lacey, lol. That was so sweet, like stick your finger the sugar bowl. I liked that even though Len is probably going to say something about the "playing around up there", lol.

Warren (tango)- love the choice in music, the Pink Panther!!!!!! Kim got caught on her dress but nice recovery. I am sooo happy to see that.

**** end of the ballroom round****

Cody (mambo)- He's trying so hard to be sexy. Wow that's an ending, LOL I am so out of words.

Brooke (mambo)- So the opening was her solo?? OK but that wig has to go, it looks bad on her. I can't vote for her since she does so well with the judges she doesn't really need the votes.

Maurice ( paso dobla)- The music sucked but his solo was nice, the lights really added to it. I liked it.

Lance (samba)- What the heck was that??? Lance could have done soooo much better on his solo, I'm a little disappointed in him. It wasn't the excitement that I was hoping for.

Man I really hope that Warren can pull off his dance.
Warren(jive)- That was sooooooo good. He was cute, fun and had so much energy!!!!!! He has to keep a high score for this one. I love that his Superbowl dance was in there. I loved it.

Man I am pulling for Warren, he has to win and knock Brooke down, did I say that?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DWTS week 6...results

Is it wrong of me for me to say "thank goodness Cloris is finally going home"?

Monday, October 27, 2008

DWTS week 6

Micheal Flannery I like him, I've always liked him. He's always been a little cocky but I like him. Hope he's a nicer judge then Len, lol. Oh yeah that's right the group dance. This should be interesting.

Maurice (waltz)- i love this song. He looks a little stiff and uncomfortable but all and all it was a nice dance. I give it a 6 maybe a 7.

Lance (jive)- There's the a Lance I love to watch dance. That was fun, upbeat and a lot of energy. I give them an 8 maybe even a 9. (and he looks cute in those shoes, lol)

Susan (mambo) This should be interesting. She is just so careful when she dances that it's hard to believe that she is this fiery Latin thing. There were a couple of small miss steps but it was ok. I give her a 6.(how can they give her 8's? they weren't to thrilled with her but that's their choice)

Brooke ( rumba ) You know if they didn't show her foot you would never have noticed that there was something wrong for her. There could have been a little more hip from her but maybe that's me. she makes me think of Edyta in that dress. I give her a 7 maybe an 8. (Micheal is so soft spoken it cracks me up after watching him dance the way he does)

Cloris (cha cha)- Why is she still on this show? Poor Corky, I feel so bad for him. OMG did he really do a lift??? OMG Corky you are the man. I agree with Kerri Ann Toni left the show and she got the stay she needs to dance and not just walk around the dance floor. I give her a 5.

Cody (samba)- He is such a goofball. A techno samba interesting. I liked the dance he seem ed to put a lot into make the arms straight and snapping them out there. I give him a solid 8 for this one. He gets Edyta?? Oh man that should be interesting to see (I think I need to find a new word for interesting, lol).

Warren (rumba)- Bring your best love game? That;s cute. I hate the dress but the dance was good. You could see the "I love you/ I hate you" going on between them. Sexy, very sexy. Bruno's choice of words crack me up. I give them an 8 all around. (I was starting to think that he was going to vote the same as everyone else).

the group dance- The kids should be great but of course Cloris is going to be the biggest joke (sorry) no maybe it'll be Susan. That was cute. I didn't think Maurice would be making mistakes but that's ok, Warren looked good. Where did Lance did the hair from???