Monday, March 16, 2009


Holly- She looked like she he was leading her around so much. She was leaning on him so much but it wasn't that bad. A 6.

David Alan Grier- Nicely done. He still did a lot walking and standing since the salsa is a dance about the girl in my opinion. A 6.

Denise- Max is going to get in trouble wiht all the comments, lol. That was good. She looked good but I think the music was a little weird to go along with what she was wearing. A 7.

Belinda- She is trying so hard until that last bit and then i said WOW!!! She did need a little more hip and what is going on with the hands?

Ty- He's so cute. He nailed that!!!!!!!! That was just oh so nice. I loved it.An 8. Maybe that's what he needs to do, just dance to country songs.

Shawn- It always cracks me that Mark does these steps so well. She lost the hips there for a bit but redeemed herself. She is just so cute it's hard not to like her and the hands are just a little to sharp. An 8.

Steve- Are you surprised that he's crushing his foot? This is probally the most active he's been in the last 10 years. That was cute little dance but a 6.

Chuck- That cracks me up, he's making comments about Derek, lol. That's funny she almost lost her pants. But again it was all about the girl dancing. I have to agree with the judges. A 6.

Lawerance- He's leaning on her to much. OMG was thhat a lift??? I hope not that was looking so nicec until then. A 7.

Lil' Kim- Elegant and refined? Those are not words I think of when looking at her. She needs to stop biting her lip or whatever she's doing, it's distracting. What was she doing? I loved te dance but the lip thing was distracting. An 8.

Mellisa-What is with the leg hopping on that part??? I like it but it looks funny. I was happy with the way that worked. An 8. (wow 2 nines?!?!? What a surprise!)

Gilles- I loved the ending. I was wondering why the song was coming across as so slow but that makes a lot of sense. I loved it.

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