Monday, November 24, 2008

DWTS final week

I am a little sick of seeing Brooke. and Derek. lol They are just to prefect in my opinion.

These were two of my favorite dances from Lance and Lacey. Their mambo was just so much fun. I loved it and they took that hand over head thing and changed it. Usually it's been done with the girl in front but it looks just as good with a guy in front.

They are so cute. I love Warren not just because he's a big man, or a football player (like Emmitt) but he's just fun to watch and makes you jealous of Kim. LOL. (love you Kim) From his smile when he's dancing and looking at him to winking at you/camera, he's just fun. I loved his Paso, it was just powerful and strong.

i loved the junior champions. Isn't that the sister and brother from last seasons winner.

I hate that I watch this so late at night! That was so good. Everyone was great. I loved everything that is hard to judge for me.

Brooke/Derek- That was a little "Dirty Dancing" there in the pool, lol. That is one hot mama!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that her legs were that skinny, you don't see it when she's dancing. And the music, of course I loved it because it's "Grease"!

Lance/Lacey- Oh I loved it. That was so hip hop. Of course Len is not going to like it but oh well. And the shout out to Joey and throwing of the shoe was just funny. Wow I wasn't expecting that from Len, I thought Karrie would like it and Len wouldn't, just goes to show you don't know the judges, lol.

Warren/Kim-Kim looked a little worried on that one dance. Oh man they danced to TINA!!!!!!! My other mom! Oh man, the amount of things coming off her dress is just funny. Only Kerrie would notice the mistakes during these dances, lol.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DWTS week 7 results

I hate to say it but I'm kinda glad that Maurice is going home. I want to see Cody dance some more and work on that smile of his, lol.

Monday, November 10, 2008

DWTS week 7

I know this is really late but hubby wouldn't go to bed, lol.

Cody (foxtrot)- I'm sorry are we passing Edyta around like she's candy? That's just a little wrong. He was a little fast but it still looked good. He needs to smile a little. She will always find a way to showcase her legs, lol. He looks so grown-up in the suit.

Brooke(tango)- Her legs look funny to me. Something was a little off, I can't put my finger on it but something was off. There were a couple of places that looked off but wow not as much as Len saw.

Maurice (quickstep)- He looked a little shaky in the beginning but then once they got in hold he had the confidence to do it. It was cute, I really like that first run they had across the floor, he timing with the music was good.

Lance (foxtrot)-that was cheesy Lacey, lol. That was so sweet, like stick your finger the sugar bowl. I liked that even though Len is probably going to say something about the "playing around up there", lol.

Warren (tango)- love the choice in music, the Pink Panther!!!!!! Kim got caught on her dress but nice recovery. I am sooo happy to see that.

**** end of the ballroom round****

Cody (mambo)- He's trying so hard to be sexy. Wow that's an ending, LOL I am so out of words.

Brooke (mambo)- So the opening was her solo?? OK but that wig has to go, it looks bad on her. I can't vote for her since she does so well with the judges she doesn't really need the votes.

Maurice ( paso dobla)- The music sucked but his solo was nice, the lights really added to it. I liked it.

Lance (samba)- What the heck was that??? Lance could have done soooo much better on his solo, I'm a little disappointed in him. It wasn't the excitement that I was hoping for.

Man I really hope that Warren can pull off his dance.
Warren(jive)- That was sooooooo good. He was cute, fun and had so much energy!!!!!! He has to keep a high score for this one. I love that his Superbowl dance was in there. I loved it.

Man I am pulling for Warren, he has to win and knock Brooke down, did I say that?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

DWTS week 6...results

Is it wrong of me for me to say "thank goodness Cloris is finally going home"?

Monday, October 27, 2008

DWTS week 6

Micheal Flannery I like him, I've always liked him. He's always been a little cocky but I like him. Hope he's a nicer judge then Len, lol. Oh yeah that's right the group dance. This should be interesting.

Maurice (waltz)- i love this song. He looks a little stiff and uncomfortable but all and all it was a nice dance. I give it a 6 maybe a 7.

Lance (jive)- There's the a Lance I love to watch dance. That was fun, upbeat and a lot of energy. I give them an 8 maybe even a 9. (and he looks cute in those shoes, lol)

Susan (mambo) This should be interesting. She is just so careful when she dances that it's hard to believe that she is this fiery Latin thing. There were a couple of small miss steps but it was ok. I give her a 6.(how can they give her 8's? they weren't to thrilled with her but that's their choice)

Brooke ( rumba ) You know if they didn't show her foot you would never have noticed that there was something wrong for her. There could have been a little more hip from her but maybe that's me. she makes me think of Edyta in that dress. I give her a 7 maybe an 8. (Micheal is so soft spoken it cracks me up after watching him dance the way he does)

Cloris (cha cha)- Why is she still on this show? Poor Corky, I feel so bad for him. OMG did he really do a lift??? OMG Corky you are the man. I agree with Kerri Ann Toni left the show and she got the stay she needs to dance and not just walk around the dance floor. I give her a 5.

Cody (samba)- He is such a goofball. A techno samba interesting. I liked the dance he seem ed to put a lot into make the arms straight and snapping them out there. I give him a solid 8 for this one. He gets Edyta?? Oh man that should be interesting to see (I think I need to find a new word for interesting, lol).

Warren (rumba)- Bring your best love game? That;s cute. I hate the dress but the dance was good. You could see the "I love you/ I hate you" going on between them. Sexy, very sexy. Bruno's choice of words crack me up. I give them an 8 all around. (I was starting to think that he was going to vote the same as everyone else).

the group dance- The kids should be great but of course Cloris is going to be the biggest joke (sorry) no maybe it'll be Susan. That was cute. I didn't think Maurice would be making mistakes but that's ok, Warren looked good. Where did Lance did the hair from???

Monday, October 20, 2008

DWTS week 5

4 new dances!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!! Since I don't know who has what dances I can't say anything but Susan looks cute in her gold dress. I guess Brooke got the jitterbug??

Brooke (jitterbug)- Wow that flip at the end was a surprise. Not bad for having learned it off the computer. That was a really fun dance, they were cute, it was like watching Grease or an Elvis movie.

Lance (west coast swing)- Can is he the king of swing? I hope he rocks. Nice spin and that little slip was still cute. I loved it!! I hope he gets a good score (did you notice Misty in the audience?). There was a lot of showing off Lacey but this is her dance, she is the champion but he did a lot of walking around, posing, etc. But still a good dance.

Cody (jitterbug)- Ok again for some reason the sound messed up on him so I didn't hear all of what was said between them and Derek so I will just have to guess but the whole 'America needs change' thing was kinda cute. He did the flips really well. Practice paid off for him. That was so cute. I don't know which one I liked better. I think they deserve at least 8's maybe 9's.

Susan (hustle)- I love her little "hustle, hustle, hustle" to Warren. I wonder if they are going slower because of her ankle? She's cute though, you have to give her that. Oh wow, Len and the 'knickers' comment came out of nowhere.

Cloris (salsa)- Why does Corky always make himself look dorky when he dances with her? I'm sorry, did she say 'skanky ho' on TV??

Warren (hustle)- Now is one that I think he will do good at, he just seems like he can pull this dance off. That was soooooo much fun to watch. I was standing up dancing and clapping and everything!!!!!!!!!! That's 4 votes right there. I'm telling you Kim has to share him with me, I wanna dance with him! The sprinkler was so cool, the lift was cool, the whole dance was just so much fun to watch. There should be 9's from everybody if not 10's in my opinion.

Toni (west coast swing)- She's looks likes she holding back, the music seemed to slow for this dance. Not that impressed by it. It was just ok.

Maurice (salsa)- Cheryl always gets me with the way she flips her head around. That was interesting and the kiss at the judges, very nice. It was a wild dance, the costumes were all over the place (don't know how her skirt got ripped) but that was good. He finally did something that was really excited.

OMG Brian Setzer is going to be there tomorrow!!!!!! I love him, even before he went swing when he was Stray Cats. I can't wait to see him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

DWTS week 4

This should be interesting to see how well Rocco makes a comeback after finding out that he would have been the one going home last week.

Lance (tango)- I love it already, they are wearing purple, my favorite!!!!!!! Very nice!!!! One miss step but that was good. Wow Karri at a loss for words, there's a new thing. I love the make-up on him, it makes him look so cute.

Toni (samba)- She looked a little nervous once they got down of the upper stage and there were two miss steps that I noticed and the rolls looked nice. She covered it pretty well. He really needs to stop talking about people's butts, lol.

Rocco (samba)- "Did she really say shake what your momma gave you? lol. That's to cute. Thank goodness she lost the skirt (and later on the sleeves). Not the best dance but it was so much fun. That was a harsh thing to say. I hate to say it but I think his run s over.

Susan (tango)- This is soooo her dance. If she brings just a little bit of Erica Kane to the dance she will have a good score. It was OK but I was looking for a little more fire from her, it still seemed a little tame to me.

Warren (samba)- I love him, he;s so goofy. Kim let me cut in!!!!! I love watching him dance, he's so light in his feet. It was so cute. There was some dancing but there needed to be a little more. I loved it though.

Brooke (samba)- She has the legs for this one, she better get another 10! Oh wow!!!!!!!If she doesn't have another baby in 9 months there is something wrong with her husband. I can see why she has 4 kids. Can we get a hose in here please? (What is with his eyes? His eyebrows? Makes me think of Jim Carrey, lol)

Maurice (samba)- I didn't realize he's arms looked like that. Very 70's, fun dance. I liked it but what is with the wigs?? It was a good dance but like they said he needed a little more of the dance/form in there.

Cody (tango)- That's so funny, she called his high school principal, lol. He looks almost like a man, doing this dance. Nice kick Juilanne. Very nice. I was wondering about the stumbling, I wasn't sure about the dress if they were having problems with that or if he was just hold on to her and flinging her around to much, lol.

Cloris (tango)- Do we really need another shot of her boobs? Is it just me or is Corky pulling and yanking on her arms a lot? He cheats, he's telling er which leg to step with, which way to go. I hate to say it but tonight's dance was actually pretty good. Very up and down, very tango-isque. That poor kid. It made me think of some smokey bar in Paris.

So here's my votes went. Most of my votes went to Warren of course, followed by Lance. I liked Brooke but she's going to get enough votes that I'm not worried about voting for her.

Monday, October 6, 2008

DWTS week 3

My post tonight is going to be a little weird, for some reason my DVR recorded with Spanish as well so I'm not hearing everything like I should, sorry for that.

Cody (jive)- He's going to fall I can just see it. Wow, there was a lot going on there. I liked it but there was a little to much goofing around there. I really think she could have done so much more with a different partner.

Misty- what happened to her? I couldn't hear what they were saying.

Rocco (waltz)-A blinding performance? Love the spin, was there a lift in there? j/k. That was cute. I love the running over the judges. Not a lot of dancing but ti was just fun. I have to wonder how dirty do the dresses get from spins and stuff like that.

Toni (waltz)- How is she going to do that kick in that big dress? This is something I have to see. I love the change in the music, that was not something I was expecting. I love the costume, very nice.

Maurice (jive)- Love the opening. His feet looked good. It was a good dance, lots of goofiness to it, it was fun. But the song seemed a little slow (to me). I'm surprised that Len didn't say anything about "all that goofing about" in the beginning.


Lance (waltz)- NO trick?! No gimmicks?! No fun, lol. Beautiful dress, beautiful dance, great ending. I'm in love. I almost cried at that one.

Cloris (jive)- let it rip? The way she said it was very scary. Oh my goodness,please let this woman go home. I think she has embarrassed herself enough. look at her, taking a last lap around the dance floor, lol.

Susan (jive)-She always looks so dainty to me, the way she holds her hands. She has to be the easiest partner he's had throw around. LOL She looks scared doing this but it was good. I liked it, even though there was a slight miss step. What happened to her ankle?

Warren (waltz)- Every woman will be jealous? How about his wife? LOL. Such a serious face. Oh man he's good. I loved it!!! That was so soft and gentle, you almost forget that he's as big as he is. It was so great. This is one where I would love to cut in on her, reminds me of Emmitt.

Monday, September 29, 2008

DWTS week 2

I got to watch this late so forgive my scatterbrain thoughts.

Toni-(Rumba) OMG that was painful, why did Alex do that? (I'm trying really hard not to laugh at his singing) Very sexy but I needed a little more hip action from her. I always forget that the rumba is slow and sensual.

Brooke- (paso doble) The music was not doing it for me. I liked it but was just kinda, blah. Her points were there, turns were there but I don't see it being the top score (unless there are a lot of bad dances)

Cody-(rumba) This is going to be funny. His hips are a little stiff and he hits the hip action a little to hard but it was sexy. I liked it a lot.

Rocco- (rumba) I;m pulling for him. That was cute, I know Len is going to talk about the "messing about", he was trying so hard you could see it. I have to give him a lot of credit for standing there and smiling about the whole thing. Poor guy.

Lance-(paso double) "modern twist on it"? I love that. Not the beginning I was thinking about. I didn't know he had arms like that!!!!!! I loved the dance, now I'm thinking I should have voted for him as my pair to win this week. I love the music to. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was a wild ending!!I would be very happy with that dance, it was very upbeat, energetic, and the crowd loved it. I know Len would have a lower score.

Kim-(rumba) God I hope she is sexy. Does she have hips she looks so stiff. Poor Mark is doing all the work and she's just standing there. That looked like a tap on the butt to get her to move. She just looked like she was waiting for him to lead her to the next place to stand and pose.

Susan-(Rumba) (The way that she shows excitement is so cute) Very Cleopatra. Her face is a little cold and not contacting with Toni, the ripping of Toni's shirt was a little surprising. I loved that little wiggle she did, very sexy (for her). I liked it, it was cute.

Warren-(Paso doble) Gotta love pleather on the dance floor!!I have high hopes for him, he was looking good in practice. I loved it!!!!!! That was so serious and menacing, the walk was good, the spins, the speeding up wiht the music, I'm at a loss for words.

Misty may-(Paso double) Her eyes are just so wide and big sometimes, it's a little weird to look at. The flip was nice but there was something about her arms, they weren't stiff and sharp like I think they are suppose to be but she was fierce, very strong. It made me think of when Max danced with Mel. She has the energy but the lines were a little off, I wonder if she's used to heels that high.

Maurice- (rumba) One of my favorite songs!! This is was good, the hip action was close but not on the mark. I was hoping that he would have been a little more smooth.

Cloris- (paso Doubla) I'm scared, I don't know how she has made it this far but I am scared. OMgoodness make the poor woman dizzy while dancing or give her a heart attack. WOW!

So a re-cap,my votes are going towards Warren as usual followed by Brooke and Lance. I think Cloris's time is up followed by Kim.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DWTS epsoide 2

How did Misty make it?!?!?!?!?!?She looked a little man-is in her dancing. And the hip thing looked painful.

Maurice- entertaining dance and all but I know Len is going to drop that one. There was a lot of hip action from him but it was good. I liked it.

Rocco fakes it very well. He has the energy to do this. I liked it.

Susan- I loved it, it was cute, fast and graceful very Fred and Ginger.

Kim- talk about a train wreak. That was just sad in soooooo many ways. I have nothing left to say.

I have nothing left to say about any of it. It was a late night for me so I am at a loss for words.

Monday, September 22, 2008

DWTS Season 7

What a long wait I have had.

Cody-looked good, great smile, great presence. I think he should make it at least until week 3.

Chef Rocco- He kept his head up!! He looked good, like he was having a lot of fun. Not bad. I have to agree with Kerrie, it was cute.

Toni Braxton- I really wanted to like her dance but it seemed slow. I know it's a Cha-Cha but it just seemed to drag.

Maurice- I love the fact that Cheryl is his partner. I love her. He's fun to watch but needs to not walk thru the dance. I saw some walking there but I liked it, definitely worth a vote.

Brooke- I saw one slip and that's because she showed it on her face. She looked good, and in pants no doubt. Talk about a "Hot mamma".

Ted- I liked the dedication. She's a little quick and sharp for this dance. He looked good.....for a construction worker. She made him look graceful at moments.

Lance- He is such a dork!!!!! Forgive me for laughing. That was interesting. Did you get a look at his parents?? Mom was proud and dad looked confused. I like Lacey, she made it different, young as Lenny said.

Cloris- I love this woman. She makes me laugh and watching the two of them argue. Corky did a great job of controlling her during the spins. It's hard not to laugh. How was that not censored??? She put her leg up on the table, flashed Len and sat in Kerries lap? I've got tears from laughing thru the whole thing.

Jeffery- Cha-cha Major points for having so much fun. That was such an ugly dance. He seemed a little stiff and uncomfortable thru the whole thing. He's not as big as I thought he was.

Kim- I want to like her since my friend J loves the show. I am going to hold judgement on her for now.

Susan- I love her even though I don't watch her soap, I love her. Small slip but a nice recovery. I think she will be ok once she gets used to being there. Her legs her so long that they look a little to skinny. But she does get my vote.

Misty-She was trying very hard to keep her shoulders down and her tongue in her mouth. Finally he has a partner that is tall enough for him. I think I will give her my vote just to torture her some more, lol.

Warren- He got cute little Kim. I am so happy, it's like watching Emmitt all over again. Oh baby you go boy!!!!!!!! I am pulling for him. That's my boy. That was so good. He's light on his feet, had fun, and it was

So here's my wrap up. Warren is my top pick, Corky and Susan are cute, and so is Lance.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday, August 30, 2008

My only talk of politics

With all the political talk around I thought I should do this one.

Your Political Profile:

Overall: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Social Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Personal Responsibility: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Fiscal Issues: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal

Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal

Defense and Crime: 75% Conservative, 25% Liberal

I am lazy

I just realized that. Looking back over my posts in here I don't have a lot of post here and I know that won't change with the coming of the new season. I am working on my crocheting projects so I will be watching TV but not posting, sorry. I think the one show I will be posting a lot on is DWTS.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Guess what's coming back soon?????

Sunday, August 17, 2008

ABDC-season finale

Have you been watching? I watch but I usually don't get to watch it until Sat when everyone is busy with other stuff (hubby can't stand it) and I can watch but still the kitchen. I was surprised that Super Crew is still there. I thought that Fanny Pak did a better routine then they did but I haven't seen the final dance so I may change that.

But a big complaint this season is the voting. People aren't voting right, which is probably true but another that contributes to that is the camera crews. You miss a lot of things because of the way things are shot and don't get to see it until they do the replay or online. It doesn't help.

But who do you think should be the next Dance crew?

Saturday, June 28, 2008

ABDC-week 2

Super Crew- that was cool. They hit a lot of it but they did miss one thing but they kept it them. They did the stuff in the video but it was creative and fun.

Fanny Pak-That was cute. He didn't quite get the flare but he tried. They were good, fun, and creative.

Supreme Soul- they were cute. I liked how they spilt and came back together, it was cool.

Pfresh Select- I loved their performance last week I was hoping that they could do this one. Damn I liked that. I was boppin' with the music and their dancin'.

So Real Cru- They were hitting a little to hard for me and this song. It was a slow song but they were trying to pick up the pace. And that little end of his windmill was a little sloppy.

A.S.I.I.D-Now that is not what I was expecting, that was not the ending I thought was going to be there. That was just hot!!!!!!

Extreme Dance Force-I don't think they can get lose, they were just so dang stiff last week. They were still a little stiff. It was boring.

Bottom 2
Bogie Bots- He nailed that girly part. That was tight. I liked it a lot. I don't know how they ended up in the bottom 2.

Sas X7-yawn. It was like watching a bunch of cheerleaders dance.

It was right that Sas went. They had a good run and their time was up. Well next week should be good.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I love movies

that should be quite obvious by the collection that I have. I mean having over 80 DVDs should cont for something right? I love watching them and reviewing. Now I am watching "Jumper". So far it's a good movie, might have been better in the theater but still worth it. It's kinda funny to watch this and know that the main character is is from the second and third star Wars.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew #2

I love this show. I am becoming a dance groupie. I mean it's bad enough that I watch DWTS every season but now this? I am hooked. It's a good thing my daughter loves to dance, LOL!!!! So we will do this like DWTS, crew by crew.

Xtreme Dance Force- this is a crew that I'm not impressed with. Yeah they are a crew of white boys with one black in it, and yes they are from the Suburbs so what? This weeks dance was stiff and jerky to me. There was no flow in it. I give them at least 2 more weeks.

Suprme Soul- It was a little bit much for me. I think they needed to move around a lot, that's a big stage, use it.

A.S.I.I.D-That was a tight dance. The dog thing was crazy. I have to agree with JC about wanting to be the dog, lol.

SoReal Cru- They have a tight crew and that was a good dance. I agree they should be in the top two for the final.

Boggie Bots-I like them a lot. They are fast becoming one of my favorite crews. I see a little JabbaWockeeZ in them but they are good. They are a crew to watch.

Bottom 5
Super Cr3w-Ok B Boys what you got?? Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go boys, James Brown would be happy with what they did. The tower thing was a trip. That was cool.

Phresh Select-Good choice of songs. How they ended up in the bottom I don't know. That was tight. The Kid-n-Play? I remember that. The hat trick was so good, everyone on beat and everything.

SassX7-Yawn. They dress like cheerleaders so it's going to be hard for me to change that thought.

Distorted X-They are giving those poor older guys in that bar a heart attack, lol. The problem i have is that the two guys that are in the crew or either gay (which I could care less about) or just don't realize that they need to dance a little man-iler (is that a word?)

Fanny Pack-Their cute but I don't know about them.

Monday, May 12, 2008


It's the semi-finals so they better bring it.Let's start with Jason

Jason- nice it was flirty and fun, but I don't know about it. The judges liked it but it was just ok for me.

Marisa- she did a great dance and yes there was a miss jump but it was good. I thought she would be a little faster but it was good. I love watching her dance, she is just so cute to watch.

Cristian- this has to be hard for him, the dance that hurt him. Cheryl's dress is a little distracting but it was a good dance. Ok but not great.

Kristi- she still looks so stiff to me but maybe it's the dance. It was quick and stiff and sharp and two of the judges liked it. I have to agree with Len, it was a little crazy out there.

Len cracks me up. He sounds so stuffy but has some really funny moments, lol.

The Latin Round
Jason- He did a lot of walking again. It was ok not impressive but i think he could have done better. I think I still liked the first one better.

Marrisa- one of my favorite songs but they were to slow for the pase of the music. I don't know what to say about that one. Yeah I have to agree with Keri, it was just ok.

Christian- I love how he keeps his arm away from Cheryl, lol. And the butt shaking at the end was just to cute, i loved it. That was such a good dance for him especially after this being the dance that hurt him. (It's no wonder that he hurt himself with the way that Cheryl flings her hair around, lol)

Kristi- what happened to her? she just seemed to be there and not really into the dance. It was just kinda blah.

I have a feeling that Marrisa won't make it but we will see. Don't forget to vote!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I know it's been awhile since I have posted abut the dancing

First Dances

Christian- daddy can i dance with you? That was so romantic and graceful.

Kristi- the dance Blogger: What's on TV? - Create Poste was nice but she looks a little stiff in the face, like the smile won't go away. You gotta love Len and his criticizing (Oh think the mincing around was to long, etc)

Mario- She looks like a dancing scarf and there were a couple of miss steps but nice recovery.

Shannon- what the heck was that? the music didn't help tell the story and it was just........weird.

Jason- well to start he picked a song that I love and the dance was fast and playful, lol. I loved the ending!!!!!!

Second Dances

Marissa- She has the cutest smile and the stop in that kick was sexy, not a lot of movement around the floor but that was sexy, at least a 2 alarm fire for me.

Christian- ok that was not a man dancing with his daughter. OMG what the heck happened to him?!?!?!? That was just weird.

Kristi- she looked uncomfortable doing that, almost like she didn't kn0w what she was doing. I think there was a little to much 'other' stuff and not cha-cha. If she had done it and made it look good then I wouldn't have a problem with it but that was yucky!!!!

Mario- "Lucy, I am home!!!!" The head holding thing is a little more trusting then I think I could be but whatever works.

Shannon- what is withe hair and the head and then the shirt? are we trying to prove that we aren't gay or something? That was a crappy dance. I think she could have been so much better. "Fake everywhere" huh? that was a little more info then we needed, lol.

Jason- OMG gotta love the music. It was definitely different and he made it work, I think. I think Emmit would be proud!!! Damn the lift!!!!!!!! Damn you Edyta!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

I am doing a double post here so here is the results show also.

Def Leopard, rock on Baby!!!!!!!!!! That was a great dance but everyone was a little off. But the second one was cool.

Kinda surprised to be off the show but she has to be a little happy not to put up with his "feelings" anymore. But at least my Marrissa is still there.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Dancing With The Stars

Kristi~ She still looks a little cold. But she was trying. I think she will be a little surprised by what the judges have to say. And what was Karrie looking at?? Bruno always cracks me up with his score when it's higher than Lens, lol.

Priscilla~Not really impressed with that, until the slide. Louie looks a little gay to me in his hand movements but he cracks me. I'm laughing at the fact that Karrie said "we never see you look like you've made a mistake". She can't!!!!!! She's had a bad botox in her face!!!!!! LOL. Wasn't surprised with her score.

Adam~ I can see he's going to get knocked for the "antic's" before but the dance was pretty good. And then he opened his mouth. He needs to just dance and not speak.

Marlee~ I was almost crying. That was beautiful. I loved it. I think her posture is also part of her deafness like she said, the spins were making her dizzy. But that was so..I'm out of words. I thought her total would have been a little bit higher but I guess it was her posture that did it for her.

Mario~Ok what was he trying to do?? The music was weird, her dress was throwing my eyes off big time, and the lights were not helping me a lot. I can't vote for him this week. And again Bruno with his attitude towards Len.

Jason~ Sir Dance-a-lot?!?!? Can I laugh now? What does his wife have to say about all this dancing? A small slip but nice recovery (sounds a little like football, huh?) Did you notice his wife standing up clapping? She must be happy with it, lol.

Cristian~that's right drag me to the bedroom baby. And the yelling was a little scary, lol. I think the bull is dead. OMGoodness, that was just wow.

Shannon~ She's going to cry when the dance is over. You can see she so badly wants to rub his neck. That was beautiful and flowing and just so nice. "It's so organic"?

Marrisa~ Practice was looking good let's hope that the dance is to. You can just see the fight in her face, she was so serious about the dance. Didn't see a single smile during this one. I love the slide she did, the roll on the floor. I loved this dance of hers. She better be back next week.

Adam is on his way out for sure. It's just a matter of waiting for the ax to fall or for someone to tape his mouth shut.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


OMGoodness, that little girl stayed at the table until she fell asleep. I'm sorry but that's funny to me. That is something out of "Mommy Dearest", and 6 yr old that don't know how to wipe themselves?!?!? That is just ridiculous.

OK let me back up a little here. I love to watch Suppernanny, not because I think I really need but more for the whole 'seeing a car pulled over on the side of the road, Oh look honey I think they had a car accident-I wonder if anyone is hurt' as you drive on by kinda thing. I am not at all a perfect mother (see this post, this post oh just click on bad mommy, lol. ) but watching other parents with out of control kids doing things that just make me say "duh" is kinda a sick, funny thing for me. But I think I offended my friend J when I said something along of the lines of "well what do the parents expect from their kids when they are up jumping around and being crazy 10 minutes before it's bedtime." She got kinda quiet after I said that.

But the family tonight was going thru something that I don't know how to deal with yet but will need to soon. I only have one grandparent left so when she passes I will be heartbroken but I will have to find some way to deal and help Savie deal. It was a good episode with a lot of heartfelt moments.

I love you Supernanny.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

DWTS results show

First let me start by saying that I usually don't get to watch this live so I fast forward thru a lot of things (commercials talking, etc) so forgive me if this doesn't make a lot of sense.
I was trying to watch this and drink at the same time but that was just impossible when Steve came out and did the "Man-bo". Can you see me choking and spitting on my drink???? Where you able to watch without laughing? What is wrong with you? you had to laugh while this was going on.LOL I was laughing so hard that I was crying (or maybe because I was choking, lol) And the slide at the end was just to much. I was crying!!

Now what is with Jason? I googled him and it says that he was getting a divorce but that hasn't gone thru right? Is Edyta trying to be careful so she doesn't get in trouble with the wife?

Isn't Kylie cute? I remember when her song "Loco Motion" came out in the 80's (did I just age myself?) She is just so cute and perky. Gotta love the smile on her. I feel kinda bad for her dancers though having to dance in sparkly outfit.

OK the face is something he does all the time apparently. LOL

I thought it was Steve's time to go but he did great while he was there. Can't wait to see what they dance next week!

Dancing With The Stars 4/1

What happened to Adam?!?!?!? He actually danced!!!!!!!!! That was a good dance for him. Poor girl just can't help him. He just doesn't know when to shut his mouth

Marrisa~ She has got some great looking legs for such a bubbly little thing. She didn't make a kicks really big like I thought she would. I thought it was just going to be bigger then what she had. Her face was there but her legs weren't.

Prisiclla~ can we dim the lights a little for her please, lol. The beginning was a just so sexy/hot/steamy. Does Len really think of these lines on his own or is someone helping him?

Jason~Good dance but he needs to watch the hands and he looked a little tired. Was he singing along or just mouthing the count. He was just kinda blah.

Kristi~What was going on with his face? What was that about? I was a little confused by all the "oh" . The dance was great. But it was a little cold but she has it in her to do more.

Ok I know I didn't go thru everyone but what was with the music?? Everyone had some really weird music, Roxanne was played really slow Kristi had that Duran Duran song, just weird.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

DWTS- Recap show

If you haven't watched the show DON'T READ ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only bad thing about the recap show is watching everyone dance again in the clips. One of the reason I am really glad that i record it and then watch it later, I can fast forward thru those parts.

Yeah like we didn't see Monica going home and Penn wasn't a shock either.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dancing With The Stars 3/24

Alrighty it's time for everyone to dance lets see what we got. Forever me if this doesn't make a lot of sense I;m writing as I watching.

Steve~ yeah he was a little off but he was having soooo much fun, you can just see it in his face,

Cristian~Cheryl kills me with the hair throwing thing that she does. But it was good. That was a good routine, fun and flirty. But Len seems to have a hard time saying something nice, lol.

Monica~ I hate to say it but put the poor girl out of her misery and send her home. Her hands looks stiff, she looks like she's in pain, but I don't think she can take the criticism.

Penn~OMG I can't believe the bar broke!!!!!!! The jump was cute, the slide was cute, but I have a feeling that Carrie is going to say something about her jump. And Kym is such a cutie.

Priscilla~This was not a good dance for her, she missed a few steps (i noticed one but then saw a look on her face that was just uh oh), she was just so 1-2-3-4 about it. I think she could have loosened up a little but what do I know.

Shannon~The Quickstep was a really good dance for her. The start was so cute, that little dance thingy-cheeky thing was cute. She did a great job. I see at lease a 21 for that one.

(Just a side note, I DVR-ing this so I can fast forward thru the commercials and so now it's 8:17pm and my daughter is still up. I told her she gets to watch one more person dance and then she has to go to bed, is that bad??)

Jason~Can he do sexy? I wouldn't mind taking a spin around the dance floor with him but there was not enough dancing in that for me from him. I think he can move his hips a lot more than that.

Marissa~I felt bad for her last week, I think she did good, yes she messed up but the effort was there and they trying was there. This week, she started out so cute, had a little miss-step, but she came right back. It was great. I loved. Oh and I almost forgot the slide!!!! That was so great. usually Lenny hates the little things on the stage but this time he loved it.

Adams~I have no words for that. That was.....something.....

Marlee~That was such a great opening. It was cute, fun, and happy. I give her 21 for this one.

Kristi~ sexy momma!!!! took a page out of Jennie's book didn't they?LOL

Mario~that was a cute dance. I'm surprised he got as high he did.

OK so my recap for the night is this, Monica will be out for the women and I'm not really sure now who it will be for the men since some of them have come back and made some improvements. So we will see tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

America's Best Dance Crew

All I can say is who does J C Chasez think he is?? He was in a boy band. What does he really know about dancing. Those crews are tight, they can dance, they know what they are doing.

Dancing with the Stars- Season 6 Ladies

OK it's ladies night!!!!

Shannon~ I thought with legs like that she could stretch more then that but she did go out first so I'm hoping that she will loosen up. Besides look what Derek did for Jennie Garth.

Monica~ hate to say it but stick to tennis. She looked so uncomfortable I felt bad for her. But she did get to go to her prom now in a way, lol.

Marrisa~ Man I thought Steve was smiling a lot!!!!!LOL. I have to agree with the judges, I think she has a lot more dance in her then what he had her do.

Priscilla~ has she had work done on her face? I know that has nothing to do with her dancing but I had to ask. But WOW!!!! The death spiral?!?!?! She did sexy!!!!!! She looked a little stiff in the shoulders but she looked good.

Kristi~Did I see a lift??( I was so waiting for her to say that, lol) The arms were beautiful, graceful and just oh beautiful. She made that looks soooooo easy, like she's done it before but I think that has a lot to do with the figure skating. (So saw that score coming)

Marlee~I was soooo looking forward to her dancing. I love her, seen her on a few other shows (never saw the movie she won an award for though) she has some great hips. That was so nice, so sexy, she did great!!!!!!

I don't know it's hard to pick which lady (monica) is going home first. I'm getting pretty good at telling what score the judges are giving to, lol. Can't wait for next week.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Dancing with the Stars....Season 6

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am jumping up and down right now, I love this show. So lets get down to the nitty gritty

Penn~ I have a feeling he's only going to be around for 2 maybe 3 weeks. He said it himself, he's got big feet.

Jason~ He's cute and did pretty good. Finally someone who can reach as long Edyta's legs, lol

Cristian~ Can we say sexy??? He had the looks and the hips were working for me. I didn't really notice the shoulders but I was a little distracted.

Adam~ not much I can say there, ever see the Man Show? Need I say more?

Mario~ Sexy little boy. Who does he think he is LL? With all that lick lipping? LOL. I think I need a cold shower.

Steve~I love him as an actor but he's a little stiff. and what is with all the smiling? Don't his cheeks hurt? lol

It's a toss up for me as to who will be the first one off. Adam, Penn, or Steve that's who it's down to for me. So that mean it's down to Mario, Cristian, and Jason. Let's see how the ladies do tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Red Eye

Usually I do shows or TV Movies but this is a good movie. Red Eye was a good movie. I didn't get to really see the first 10-20 minutes of the movie but I saw almost over thing. It was good. I didn't know when I bought the movie that it's a Wes Craven flick and I love Wes. He's a good guy.

OK where to start. The main guy Cillian Murphy looks familiar but I can't place him. Rachel McAdams is a newer girl. There aren't many people in this movie that I recognize other than the dad who wasn't in the movie that much anyways.

The only reason I got the movie is because the Movie gallery here in town is closing so everything is marked down to like 3 bucks a movie. That's the good part but the bad part is there is no where to rent movies in town anymore unless you want to rent them for the night from Safeway, lol.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Did you see both parts of the season finale???? That was such a good one. Even though I am not a big fan of the 2 parter this was worth the wait of a week. I will miss him for a couple of weeks but he will be back this summer.

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Transporter

I love this movie!!!! It's in my profile that I love this movie, I have the DVD of this movie and I watch it every time it comes on TV which isn't that often. I want to lick Jason's head. I love him, hubby knows I love and thinks it's funny. I've watched other movie's that he has made. I've seen (and bought) The Transporter 2. Not a good sequel, the action was good but the girl was just to skinny for me, kinda sick skinny. Snatch was good, Crank was good to but they way they shot that kinda gave me a headache. Lock,was good, a little confusing but I chalk that up to the fact that it's by Guy Ritchie and he's moving are really fast paced for me. If you ever get a chance to watch this movie, do it. With a big bowl of popcorn.


has anyone seen the show? I don't have cable so no Showtime, HBO, Starzs stuff like that. I know it sounds sick but I think I'm going to like this show. From what I've heard it's along the lines of CSI and stuff like that. Well we will see.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cashmere Mafia

i love these women! They had a crappy week, started divorce proceedings, got dumped, and the makeup didn't run. Gotta love something like that. They even showed their evil side.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cashmere Mafia

This is a good show. I hate to say it but it's what I think of people in New York to be like. i love the women they are great, they are in control of their lives as much as anyone can be anyways, and they look so put together. if I didn't know better I would think that their stylist were getting them dressed in the morning. But like all people they have their problems, husband cheating, kids being bad and acting out, not know your sexual orientation, stuff like that. good thing it's on my DVR and I can watch it when hubby's gone to bed. LOL

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Valentine's Day

Ok so V-day is just around the corner and I can't wait for it to be over with. Not that I don't like the day but it's just more than it needs to be. Take the Kay Jewelers commerical where the dad gives mom a Kay box and they kiss and then he writes "Kay" on it to give to some little girl he knows. Is that really the way our kids should see the day? That it is has to be from a certain store on a certain day to get the attention? That's just wrong.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Balls of Fury

There are some movies that should only be seen at home......on TV. "Balls of Fury" is so one of those movies. The commericals make it look like it's just going to be sooooooo funny but all the funny parts that are in the commerical are all the funny parts in the movie. It's kinda sad since I like Christopher Walken and this seemed it was right there in line with some of the other movies that he's made like, Click or The Stepford Wives, you know? I stayed up late to watch this movie but it was not worth it. Wait for it to come out on TV.


or rather USA. I love Monk. It's a great show. I love it, Tony Shalhoub cracks me up with his phobia's and everything make mine look pretty manageable, lol. But my problem with USA right now is that they have canceled "The Dead Zone" and "The 4400" but are keeping Monk and Psych. Is that the right thing? I think that is a stupid move since psych is a new show and the The Dead Zone is going on it's 7th season plus we haven't found out what's on Walt's computer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Max and Ruby

Have you ever watched this show? It's a couple of bunny kids that apparently don't have parents but they do have a grandmother that checks in on them every now and then. Is it just me or is that a little odd? They show a picture of the whole family, Mom,Dad and Max & Ruby but I've yet to see the parents or any other adult other than grandma, and other adults that drive the bus (which they take by themselves), the store owners, or even the Bunny Scout. Maybe it's just me over thinking things, lol.

Friday, January 18, 2008

3:10 to Yuma

Just finished watching it. It wasn't that bad. I'm not big into westerns but this was a good one especially since it's suppose to be in the area that I live, Bisbee, AZ. Even though it's been compared to "Unforgiven" it's not that good. I liked it but that would be pushing it.

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's been a long time

since anything good has been on TV. Not only because of the writer's strike but just a whole lot of Britney. Can we all make an ugly face? So instead of wasting my time trying to find something on TV I have been watching a lot of movies...... I wish. I am not doing a darn thing. I am a lazy couch potato that needs to get off the couch and move. So this is become a few and far between blog for me. So long everyone.