Monday, November 24, 2008

DWTS final week

I am a little sick of seeing Brooke. and Derek. lol They are just to prefect in my opinion.

These were two of my favorite dances from Lance and Lacey. Their mambo was just so much fun. I loved it and they took that hand over head thing and changed it. Usually it's been done with the girl in front but it looks just as good with a guy in front.

They are so cute. I love Warren not just because he's a big man, or a football player (like Emmitt) but he's just fun to watch and makes you jealous of Kim. LOL. (love you Kim) From his smile when he's dancing and looking at him to winking at you/camera, he's just fun. I loved his Paso, it was just powerful and strong.

i loved the junior champions. Isn't that the sister and brother from last seasons winner.

I hate that I watch this so late at night! That was so good. Everyone was great. I loved everything that is hard to judge for me.

Brooke/Derek- That was a little "Dirty Dancing" there in the pool, lol. That is one hot mama!!!!!!!! I didn't realize that her legs were that skinny, you don't see it when she's dancing. And the music, of course I loved it because it's "Grease"!

Lance/Lacey- Oh I loved it. That was so hip hop. Of course Len is not going to like it but oh well. And the shout out to Joey and throwing of the shoe was just funny. Wow I wasn't expecting that from Len, I thought Karrie would like it and Len wouldn't, just goes to show you don't know the judges, lol.

Warren/Kim-Kim looked a little worried on that one dance. Oh man they danced to TINA!!!!!!! My other mom! Oh man, the amount of things coming off her dress is just funny. Only Kerrie would notice the mistakes during these dances, lol.

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