Monday, November 10, 2008

DWTS week 7

I know this is really late but hubby wouldn't go to bed, lol.

Cody (foxtrot)- I'm sorry are we passing Edyta around like she's candy? That's just a little wrong. He was a little fast but it still looked good. He needs to smile a little. She will always find a way to showcase her legs, lol. He looks so grown-up in the suit.

Brooke(tango)- Her legs look funny to me. Something was a little off, I can't put my finger on it but something was off. There were a couple of places that looked off but wow not as much as Len saw.

Maurice (quickstep)- He looked a little shaky in the beginning but then once they got in hold he had the confidence to do it. It was cute, I really like that first run they had across the floor, he timing with the music was good.

Lance (foxtrot)-that was cheesy Lacey, lol. That was so sweet, like stick your finger the sugar bowl. I liked that even though Len is probably going to say something about the "playing around up there", lol.

Warren (tango)- love the choice in music, the Pink Panther!!!!!! Kim got caught on her dress but nice recovery. I am sooo happy to see that.

**** end of the ballroom round****

Cody (mambo)- He's trying so hard to be sexy. Wow that's an ending, LOL I am so out of words.

Brooke (mambo)- So the opening was her solo?? OK but that wig has to go, it looks bad on her. I can't vote for her since she does so well with the judges she doesn't really need the votes.

Maurice ( paso dobla)- The music sucked but his solo was nice, the lights really added to it. I liked it.

Lance (samba)- What the heck was that??? Lance could have done soooo much better on his solo, I'm a little disappointed in him. It wasn't the excitement that I was hoping for.

Man I really hope that Warren can pull off his dance.
Warren(jive)- That was sooooooo good. He was cute, fun and had so much energy!!!!!! He has to keep a high score for this one. I love that his Superbowl dance was in there. I loved it.

Man I am pulling for Warren, he has to win and knock Brooke down, did I say that?

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